In addition to the physical prototyping capabilities, the KAVLI-PBBR Fabrication and Design Center (FAD) offers a wide varity of services to assist users with the design and iteration of prototype development.

Equipment Training

The majority of equipment located in the FAD is user-operated and open to the UCSF community who have been trained by the FAD staff. Should there be a piece of equipment that you wish to be trained on, please contact us to schedule a training session.

Engineering and Design Consultation

Have a concept that is beyond your group's 3D design capabilities? The FAD staff can be consulted for assistance with both 3D model design/generation and physical implementation. Availability for consultation is via appointment to discuss/quote for the scope of desired work.

Print Services

Due to the added complexity of managing multiple materials, the operation of the polyjet 3D printers is limited to FAD staff. As a result the use of the polyjet 3D printer is limited to a print service as opposed to self-serve. To request a job on the polyjet, please contact us with your 3D files, the units that your 3D files were designed in, quantity desired and we will quote your with a variety of options.